Brief Introduction of BOB Chinese & EnglishEducation

BOB Chinese & English Education School has established herself as a famous bilingual education brand in south Guangdong Province since 2001, a brand under which involve the following four schools: BOB Chinese & English Bilingual Education Training Center Shantou City (EDU NON-GOV: 144050780000261), BOB Foreign Language Vocational Training School Shnatou City (EDU NON-GOV: 4405835080003), BOB Chinese & English Bilingual Education Training Center Rongcheng District Jieyang City (EDUNON-GOV: 144520270916021), BOB English Education Training School Heshan City Jiangmen (EDU NON-GOV: 144078460000771), and their eight campuses. BOB Schools pride on their faculty by valuing talent cultivation and their career development. We advocate and fulfill student-center teaching policy, focusing onevery class and every individual student. Fifteen years have witnessed the growing-up of a bilingual education training school that provides an overall curriculum of preschool bilingual education, curricular and extracurricular bilingual training for primary and secondary school students, adult English training, English training for going abroad and a systematic courses of Chinese literature. In accordance with the tenets of high teaching quality, our schools have already helped thousands of primary and secondary school students to become excellent and thousands more of slow students to make rapid progress inboth their Chinese and English learning, and also helped lots of adult students become bilingually talented and qualified for a position in a foreign trade corporation.